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See what other folks are saying about divination with Zach 

"My divination with Zach came at a pivotal moment and offered me the exact guidance I was searching for and more. I genuinely felt the wisdom of the ancestors flowing through him. I am deeply inspired by the guidance I received and feel far more sure-footed on my path. Had it not been for this divination, I would still be spinning in fear and lack of clarity. I now know confidently the next steps to take on my journey. Thank you, Zach. I feel grateful and blessed to have spent this time with you."



"This was my first Dagara Cosmology Cowrie Divination and it was beyond my expectations.  Zac has a clear grasp of his gift and channel to the Ancestors. His insight provided a level of clarity and understanding that I was seeking. So grateful! Ase Ase Ase"



"My divination with Zach was and continues to be more profound than I could have hoped. He heard the depth of this trial for which I was seeking clarity and saw the words unspoken. I could feel the energy and knew the guides were present. I’ll never know all that took place during this divination, but it has been a catalyst, of that I am certain. My humble thanks and gratitude."


"Zach's divination clarified and expanded on many things happening with both the inner and outer world of my life. His divination was a gift of magical insight."


"I woke up the morning after my reading with Zachary feeling calm and rested which was not the case for several weeks. Since my reading, I have also experienced more trust in how my life is unfolding and less ruminating in general. The messages and insights Zachary offered not only resonated on a deep level but also felt like balm to the soul. If you’re in need of guidance or support, I highly recommend a reading with Zachary."



"Zach is sooo amazing at divinations.  My eyes got so watery, I was about to cry. His medicine is palpable through the screen…he is very intuitive and his love for human beings is what powers his ability to connect and bring forth messages from the other world.  My expectations were exceeded.  If you have been thinking about doing a divination lately, I highly recommend you do it with Zach"       -Candice


"The confirmation I needed.

I came to Zach because I needed clarity; my path, like many of us out there, isn’t as crystal clear as I expected it to be. I have been struggling, dealing with so many things that need my attention, time and energy... it can get exhausting. When I booked this session, I knew I was investing in regaining this connection with my path, my passion, my Ancestors and myself. With Zach’s messages, I got tools that are encouraging me to stay grounded in my mission, in my connection to the other world, certainty that I am following my heart’s calling and keeping in touch with that which feeds my soul. Zach’s approach is friendly, honest and easy to understand. I felt like my Ancestors were approving his words. It is so nice and heartwarming to feel that someone genuinely wants the best for you."


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