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WE are all here for a reason. Our hearts are an ancient source of connection to many unseen forces of love. 

Divination opens the doorways to the heart, the Ancestors and the helping spirits who are waiting to help us align with our purpose. 

Zachary Adinolfi

My name is 


I am so excited to be offering my work in wizardry and divining to deepen all of our relationships with Otherworldly guidance. Imagine who we can be when we are clearly reminded of our gifts which we came to the world to share. The Otherworld is constantly reminding us of our true power, and it is time that we claim it! 
I believe that it is possible to change the world through our relationship with our ancestors and other-worldy beings, and I feel the importance of insisting that our ancestors help us along the way. Communication with the Ancestors is, for me, a pertinent radical activism for world harmony. 

Cowrie Shell Divination

Cowrie Shell 

Divination for path and purpose

Cowrie Shell divination is an ancient art of reading shells to bring the messages of spirit into perspective. I read shells, bones, stones, and other sacred objects in relationship to their movement on a West African Dagara elemental medicine wheel. The reading brings messages from the Ancestors and Helping Spirit as well as shows the rituals needed to move forward with clarity and purpose. 


"I woke up the morning after my reading with Zachary feeling calm and rested which was not the case for several weeks. Since my reading, I have also experienced more trust in how my life is unfolding and less ruminating in general. The messages and insights Zachary offered not only resonated on a deep level but also felt like balm to the soul. If you’re in need of guidance or support, I highly recommend a reading with Zachary."


Kontomble, Kontomble Divination, Spiritual Guidance.

Joy and Wisdom of the Heart 

Kontomblé are guides from the otherworld who are enthusiastic helpers on our journey of remembering our true nature. Enjoy the beauty and power of speaking directly with the otherworld. 

Kontomblé Divination

"The magic of living is the technology of our mind, body, and spirit as the choice points of manifesting our purpose"

-Zachary Adinolfi

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