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The call home: Ancestors are waiting.

For the sake of all those under the great influence of our times,

for the ones who have lost the strength of will
and know not the goodness of the heart and the
power that it holds to create worlds,
I must tell you of the ancientness of our choice to live.
We are all here for a reason, I tell you this as a call from every generation that ever was,
for you to remember why you came here and why you chose to be on earth and to call here your home.

To be at home on earth is to know ancientness and to claim it as your own, for your very bones are no different from the stones which make up mountains. Do you hear the mountains sing? Can you remember how to listen to the pebbles that gently move at the bottom of the creek? Those voices, and the voices of your bones, scream to you in the only way they know how, but have you chosen to listen? When you lose yourself and nothing else is left but the allure of death, often then is when those screams become our own and somehow we can begin to understand what our bones are calling for. Rock bottom is filled with the wisdom of the rocks, the bones, but how unfortunate is a society that consistently requires the ripping pains of rock bottoms before we can hear our own wisdoms? Can we imagine another way? Perhaps one that is filled with the joy of discovering instead of the existential nightmare of complete heartbreak?
How is it that such great darkness has wrapped its fists around a world as filled with light as this one is? Why have so many of us forgotten who we really are, forgotten the multitudes of experiences and generations worth of choices that could inform us now if only we could remember. The forces of adversity have created so many systems of being, thinking, doing and knowing that have limited the vastness of our human greatness and the potential for our hearts to create the beauty of the magic of change. Change is a constant in the universe and is an important mechanism for the flow of all things, so it is no wonder so many people are deeply afraid of change. That fear is not our own, it has been taught through generations of suffering at the hands of those that have suppressed change for the sake of maintaining control, order and power. That is why it is a radical and powerful choice to embody ourselves, to embody the light of our hearts. When we align ourselves with the true authority of our own hearts, and the love that which we are, we become a beacon of light and a guide: guided by the truth of love.

The Ancestors remember love upon their crossing. Upon the threshold of the Otherworld, the Ancestors are flooded with the light of love. Some are afraid and resist the greatness and liberation of that love, and others walk with peace into that light. We as the living can encourage our relatives and loved ones who have transitioned to walk into the light, indeed it is necessary that we make sure that they are in the full glory of that light, for the sake of our own certainty that we can share in the wisdom of the ancestors. Dr. Malidoma Somé, an initiated elder of the Dagara tribe from Burkina Faso Africa, has coined the term Ancestralization to talk about the ritual process of helping our ancestors to be certain in the power of their Otherworldly selves once they have crossed to the other side. Ancestralization is the call to those ancestors to embrace their abilities as Otherworldly beings with full access to the reality of the energetic connection of all things. It is necessary that we remind all our ancestors of their abilities in the Otherworld so they can help us here.

The Ancestors in the Otherworld are specifically of service to us on earth in our mission to be who we are, and it is vital that we not only know our mission here, but also know that we are not alone in our journey; the ancestors want to be of service. The connection with the Ancestors and the Otherworld is a relationship that must be cultivated if we expect changes to be made in our lives. The very nature of being alive means that our relationship to ancestors exists. Otherworldy powers are specifically involved in our lives (and always have been), so it is powerful to include them in our call for change. Regardless of our awareness of them, there are always ancestors that are already in the light who are looking out for our best interests, but who knows how far removed those great ones are from understanding our lives here and now as we currently exist in this world, in this age of modernity. With all that has changed since they lived on earth it is important that they receive an update as to the state of things.
The choice to call on the Ancestors and to build a connection to them means to face your true self and to take action on the things you have perhaps been putting off.
Do you have a little voice in you calling you to do this or that but your mind tells you “well that can only be a hobby, I don’t have time for that, that is the kind of thing other people do, I am too busy to do that“ etc. The forces of adversity have trained our minds very well to be much louder than the voices of our hearts. Those inklings, feelings that there are activities, ways of being, creative choices that can bring joy, those are the actions spirit inspires us to do because spirit works through joy and journey of healing towards joy. Joy and the excitement that embodying joy brings can be a guidepost for that which our ancestors are supporting us to do. It is an action based spirituality, one that specifically responds to the guidance of our hearts as informed by the wisdom of the Otherworldy and the guidance of the Ancestors who can see the greatness we carry but which we are often blinded to in a world which has been shrouded in a great illusion of everthinking. Overthinking is the trickiest illusion, for it manipulates and confuses even the most powerful of people. Indeed we are all powerful, so the voices of the mind must yell in competition with power of our hearts because they know they are outmatched by the love we are. Our mind voices yell because they want us to feel defeated. The soft voices, those of the gentle and compassionate love that we are, can be made louder each time we choose to act on them. The Ancestors speak with love voices.

The fast paced extremes of modern society have been roaring too many “shoulds” for too long. How many voices in our minds say “I should be doing this, I should be this or that, I should acquire these things to be happy.” The voices of spirit and the ancestors are never “shoulds,” but instead gently point to that which our hearts are already aligned with. The voices of spirit and the Ancestors want nothing more than to guide us towards our gifts which we came to this earth to share. In the ferocity of the constant need for consumption, mandated by society that demands our attention for its survival, our gifts become poison to the darkness of overthinking because they are the medicine we need. Our gifts require us to see the many ways that the forces of adversity take up our time and to consciously chose to think, do and be the light which can guide us away from the distractions of endless entertainment and physical pleasures. Capitalist individualism is an identity which makes us feel we are separate from each but connected to and dependent on an economy of our attention. Reclaimation of our attention focused towards our hearts and the voices of the Ancestors is a .subversive act of radical freedom.

Ancestors and helping spirits are forces of light which bring us ways of being which connect us to each other and our gifts so that economy becomes an afterthought of the great abundance that flows from the overwhelming support and guidance which the
Ancestors and the Otherworld provides. A radical shift is needed for the our collective alignment with the abundance of the Otherworld. Our hearts are aligned with the community of Ancestors who are waiting for us to call on them to be involved in the shift. Our individual empowerment feeds the vision of collective empowerment. The choice starts in the heart, meaning we are never alone on this journey and the growth that is required always comes from the guidance of the gifts which other people share with us. We need to awaken our individual gifts for the sake of everyone. Who knows how many individual lives can be changed when we share ourselves from a place of knowing we have called on the Ancestors to be involved. All people are a great amalgamation of ancestral experiences embodied on earth, we are all more than we appear to be. Respect for each person can grow exponentially when we see each other as conduits for our ancestral gifts. We can see each other as each having something that is fundamentally necessary to be shared with others for the sake of awakening new aspects of our gifts and heightening our connection to ancestors, for we are all ancestors in the making.

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