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Who are the Ancestors?

When the Ancestors first called me it was long before I knew how to consciously connect with them. I was on a vision quest in the middle of the desert, and at the very end of the quest, the Ancestors showed themselves to me, all sitting together with the most loving smiles and surrounded by an incredible white light. It wasn’t until five years later that I learned just how influential my Ancestors had been in shaping me into whom I would become, and how they had been with me even when I wasn’t working with them directly. Now that I have a developed practice of working with the Ancestors every day, my life has become a place of empowered manifestation where I know I am aligned with my purpose because of ancestral guidance. Being aligned with our life's purpose is our birthright, and the Ancestors are always there ready to keep us on track!

Who are the Ancestors

The Ancestors are all those people who have lived a life on this Earth (or on other planets) who have transitioned into the Ancestral Realm. Within this framework, there is certainly life after death, and there are many ways we can be in communication with those who have transitioned from the physical dimension to the nonphysical. Nonphysical dimensions are an important aspect of human life, in a similar way that we believe in and access wifi and the internet, so it is that we have access to non-physical realms. The Ancestors are a key for accessing these nonphysical realms and act as the otherworldy monitors of our wellbeing in navigating these realms.

Without our Ancestors, we simply would not exist. By claiming that we are an extension of a lineage, some living some dead, we can begin to see our connection to realms beyond the physical.

The Ancestors, particularly those Ancestors that lived on Earth (different from those who have lived on other planets), are intricately familiar with us as humans. Not only do they know what it is like to live in human bodies and maintain a biological system, but they also have an acute awareness of our particular struggles in being human. Their connection to us through our bloodlines gives them significant insight into understanding what we need to navigate in the world.

Ancestors can also be those people near and dear to us who have transitioned into the realm of the Ancestors, but also those we have a connection to but whom we never met in person. Our love is powerful enough to build a bridge to any Ancestor who calls to us, indeed our love is the call they send to us and we can send back.

What if my Ancestors were unkind in life?

Most of us have people in our family lineage who struggled while they were amongst the living. Those struggles, and the ways of coping with the hardships of being human, may leave us with a negative image of who our Ancestors are because of the lives they lived. Sometimes people refer to “well and unwell” Ancestors, and denote the latter as unsafe or unfit to work with because they can pass down their traumas to us. In my experience, this is unequivocally both illogical and false. Upon entering the other world, the human soul reviews all aspects of the life they have lived and sees clearly which choices created positive or negative energy. In that review, the Ancestor also becomes aware of any frequencies passed down through the generational line which are still left to be healed by the living representative. It is our job as living people to heal ourselves. All Ancestors, no matter their lived experiences, are supportive of us in this endeavor, especially because when we do the healing work on ourselves it supports them in raising their frequencies and allows them more access to energy and information.

Depending on the frequency a person lived at when they were alive, they will continue to resonate at similar frequencies when entering into the ancestral realm. We can support people in crossing into the ancestral realm by helping to raise their frequency so they can have full access to their light and power. This is done through certain ritual processes. When we access the energy and information of an Ancestor, no matter their frequency, we begin to inventory the frequencies within ourselves which resonate with the frequencies of those particular Ancestors.

Those Ancestors who perhaps were violent, angry, or caused harm while they were alive, are the Ancestors who are most concerned with helping the living to recover from the mess they left. The Ancestors see all the ways they lived in pain, and are specifically interested in helping us heal the pain we feel so we can evolve into a version of ourselves that the Ancestor wished they could have while they were alive. This process can require a great deal of internal awareness because the Ancestors who created problems will often show us images of the things they did to help us overcome situations we are going through in life, even though we may be experiencing something inherently different than that of which we are being shown.

The point I am making here is that there are no “unwell” Ancestors. Ancestors vary in their frequency, high frequency Ancestors are those that have access to every aspect of the light that they are, lower frequency Ancestors have less access but are still aware of that which they are. Lower frequency and higher frequency Ancestors are always working together to support us to heal, learn, and grow because the evolution of our frequency as living beings also supports the evolution of the frequencies of the Ancestors. There is a diversity of Ancestors which is an important dynamic to resonate with as human beings with incredible diversity in our psyches. We are both darkness and light, low frequencies and high frequencies. Often when we are resonating at high frequencies, that is when lower frequency Ancestors will come to us to work on healing our inner shadow. When we are in our lower frequency moments, high frequencies Ancestors bring the light we need to move forward.

If you are inspired to learn more about connecting to your ancestors please follow my blog. In future posts, I will go over why it is helpful to connect to your ancestor and some helpful tips for building a connection to them.

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